Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Snowdrop Shawl

I can't believe that I stayed on course and actually finished a project (OK, so I started it over a year ago, but hey). Here is my finished beautiful snowdrop shawl (although in this color it's more like the "Slushpile Shawl"). Pattern from The Yarn Harlot, of course.

Are my arms really this fat? Oy vey. Thanks to my production assistants Max and Buster.

Another view - Greta promised a nice closeup and she certainly delivered

And here's one without benefit of a body

This was made with a wool/mohair blend single ply bought on eBay and let me tell you it was a bitch to tink (at least that's what they tell me - I NEVER tink!) but the result is a very soft garment with a soft halo which I don't think comes through very well in these photos. It weighs 2.5 oz.

I actually have finished a couple pair of socks but the dogs were tired of helping me so we'll save those photos for another day. Now, on to the project I was supposed to finish for a friend's 50th b-day - maybe she'll get it on her 51st.