Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Actual knitting

Well, OK, I finished the Snowdrop, but that was such an old project! I have started a new pattern, Loksins socks, by Cassie at http://cassiana.typepad.com/too_much_wool/ and I tell ya, this is a pleasure to knit. I have been having some issues with numbness in my right arm (I think tied to the severed flexor tendon), which is aggravated by using these small needles, but if I take lots of breaks to rest my hand and arm, I am able to make some progress. It is very nice, no? I'm sort of glad it's slow going since I won't have to take any extra projects with me on the plane.

See you next week! Maybe I'll have a whole sock done by then.

Monday, June 04, 2007

My oughter-graph

Here it is. Proof that I (sort of) met Stephen King. He signed a book. To me. It happened several years ago (I had some really long hair then) but the thrill is not gone. Thanks to Jaime for capturing the special moment for me. Sigh.