Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh, it's so awful

This is the street in front of my house.

We are calling it Lake Running Bear. The water is emanating from our driveway. The water department hasn't shown up yet. The insurance company hasn't called us back. Water is scarce in Tucson, and having it leak, nay, pour away (unfortunately I can't post the gurgling sounds the driveway is making - you can almost see the water move in this picture)

is a terrible thing.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trekking badness

I was nearly finished with first TS when I decided to try it on (for length) and wouldn't you know the whole damn thing was too small - could barely fit it over my heel - so it has been frogged and restarted. My gauge got so tight it was like knitting chainmail. I trekked with it to the Antiques Roadshow taping but since no cameras were allowed I couldn't take a photo. AR was lots of fun, had a book and ring appraised. Everyone was nice, the crowd was huge, and we had a great time. There was a couple there carrying around a 18x24 shadowbox frame. I kept trying to see what was in it. I finally got a glimpse. It was a 3-D picture of Ronald McDonald. Really. After the first glimpse it was like a horror movie where each time I looked, there it was. We had a good laugh anyhow.
After I frogged the sock I decided to finish the pretty pink prairie tunic I had started a couple of months ago. It's done but for the blocking, and I will get a picture up soon. In the meantime, this will have to hold you over. A gaggle of cousins, including me on the right, all the way in front. This is 1957. Back when we were all so adorable.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Pretty bird!

In my back yard, I caught this critter at rest - I got to within about 5 feet from her. She kept looking at me and threatening to fly off. I was surprised at how still I could stand. PS It's a teeny tiny hummingbird.

Hey! How about a pair of socks? Cute, huh?

And for a trekking sort-of-still life (with turtle):
The Trekking yarn is so pretty! I've just turned the heel on the first one. This yarn is a pleasure to work with. I'm making a basic sock with a 72 stitch cast on and I'm using size 1 needles. The fabric is extremely dense. These'll be good. Or else.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am almost finished with the second sock - about 4 inches to go, then ready to start on my trek socks.
Inspired by http://yarnstorm.blogs.com/knitblog/, I chose a couple of paintings I would steal if I had the chance. Here are 2:
O'Keeffe White Rose with Larkspur, and Mary Silverwood, Willow Creek (this is the print that is hanging over my desk, and the true colors are much more vibrant than this reproduction, but it's the best I could find).