Sunday, February 26, 2006

the results are in...

Hmmm, 2 posts in one day - only because I failed to post my entry from several days ago. Bonus. I finished the tote bag last night and threw it in the washer with fingers crossed. It took 2 cycles to get it to shrink just right, and it came out even better than I had hoped for. Here's a before pic, taken on my ottoman so that there is a size comparison . Would you just look at the size of the thing! Then there are the "afters". The beautiful colors are the Noro Kureyon. So easy to knit, and it's like a little story unfolding as each color blends and then appears and then blends into the next. I thought maybe I should match the straps but I really love the fact that each is completely different. Note the beautiful Cascade 220 bottom. The fabric it creates when felted is so thick and uniform - I am thinking about making a felted jacket out of this stuff (only in a different color - I am sort of purpled out). I folded in the sides and I'm debating putting buttons in so that the sides can be opened or closed, but will for sure put a button and loop at the center so it doesn't flop open. The straps are just long enough to go over the shoulder. My apologies for the lousy layout of this post. I just can't seem to get the hang of this, can't even figure out how to start a new paragraph!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

Thanks, Norma, for the wonderful chocolate-y gift you sent! I am planning on dipping fresh orange slices in this delightful stuff after dinner tonight, although it may take some doing, as husband starting doing some serious salivating once he set his eyes on the jar, and he do love his chocolate. 2 extra special things about this: (1) it comes from someone I've only met online, but who still thinks I'm worth thinking about; and (b) it's REAL Ben & Jerry's! From Ver-freakin-mont, the very home of B&J's!

Monday, February 20, 2006

So what's new with you?

Not much happening. Working (slowly, slowly) on new felting project. I was at a WW meeting last week and met a nice woman who was carrying a felted bag and knitting on a pretty blue and yellow sock. She was wearing the sweetest pink socks she had knit, with a heart motif (valentine, anyone?). So I have made a new friend, and I promised to bring my bag project to show her this week. For lack of anything new to show you, here is the leaf scarf made from homegrown/sheared/dyed/spun kid mohair from, which is where the Tucson Wool Festival was held in November. The site features a couple of my photos (my favorite being a closeup of Absinthe the goat), and this is where I met some of the nicest people! This is just about the worst photo in the world, but the color really is true - from my comforter to the yarn. I was in a hurry to get this packaged in time for holiday delivery so didn't take any time to get some natural light. Maybe Susie will get a better shot of the scarf with a bit of snow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good stuff

While recovering from this surgery, I have had a few gifts sent my way (no pictures of flowers, of which there were many, or of stuffed animals, which added bears and elephants to my little zoo). Here are some of them (and a bonus shot of Stinky inspecting the Belgian truffles): Yesterday was also the blooming of my first flowers of the year. It's been in the high 70s every day. My sister sent a beautiful azalea (pic to come later) and I was surprised to see these little yellow babies blooming at the same time. I have still not figured out just what these are. I think potato vines. Soon there will be more flowers than leaves (you can see the tiny buds), and they smell divine. And for something new on the needles, another felting experiment. It will either be a round bottomed bag or maybe a bowl. I don't know whether to put handles on - I thnk it will depend on the amount of yarn I have left over. Light purple is the rest of the Cascade 220. Dark purple is (or soon will be) the rest of the Colinette I hate, but it does felt up in a very cool way. Doing that yarn in purl so it gets good and nubby. Noro Kuryon (god, this stuff is gorgeous) makes up the other stripes. The bottom is approx 16" x 16". I'll try to shrink it to about 12x12. I'm really enjoying this.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I sound like I'm practicing for the opera. meme #1, my truck (Legend is my horse, so I must be his mom). Here is Legend!
Here's meme #2, my knitting area.
A big ol' comfy chair with ottoman. Basket has a few projects, cabinet/end table should be crammed with stash, but instead houses my photo albums. I like this spot. To the left is the box from my new toy, a telescope.