Monday, January 09, 2006

Handspun? Me?

Jaime asked for a picture of her scarf. Here it is, knit with Stermann Pharao Cotton. I really enjoyed this project, even the little bobbles, knit from the center to each end.

Now, on to the subject at hand: I knit with my very first handspun over the weekend - added an 8-row stripe to a felted backpack I'm making for a birthday gift for the granddaughter. Started with a purple Cascade 220 for the bottom and some rows up the sides, then switched to a Colinette bulky for a few rows (a little too bulky as it turns out, but it will make a pretty neat stripe), then a skein of Noro. I looked at my lumpy, bumpy, too-twisted (or not twisted enough, as the case may be) grayish/blueish yarn and thought "why the hell not?" It was a bit thick, but I think all will be forgiven after the felting. I am now back to the second skein of Noro, to reverse the striping, and will do the rest in the Cascade.

This has been a great experiment for me, and I'll post a picture when it's done, before and after felting.


Cassie said...

The scarf came out beautifully (what pattern is it?). I had to laugh when you mentioned Colinette yarns and your "lumpy bumpy" handspun. One of the first things I was told when I started spinning was that down the road, when I wanted to spin "designer" yarns (Colinette style) I'd have to go and relearn uneven spinning to get the same effect I got effortlessly with my first tries at spinning.

Norma said...

The scarf is gorgeous.

And your handspun will felt beautifully and add some really interesting texture to the bag, if you're lucky!

AnnP said...

I am enjoying your new blog--wonderful photos and nice layout.
Can you tell us what scarf pattern you used?

Julie said...

cassie and annp both asked about the pattern for Jaime's scarf. Here is the link to the pattern (please copy and paste):