Friday, March 24, 2006

Life is not too exciting around here

It's been 3 uneventful weeks since my last post - so you didn't miss much. Except it was Jaime's birthday on Wednesday and I surprised her with that felted bag I wrote about. I think she liked it. Getting ready to get Max started on his Pet VIP program (he will be doing pet therapy at a nursing home). Speaking of Max, here he is communing with his favorite cat, Stinky, who is 14 years old and fearless. Max just wants to kiss her. On the needles is the Prairie Tunic from the latest IK, which will be a gift, so I can't post a pic. I'm almost done with it, and it looks lovely. Getting ready to start my sister's wedding shawl, which will be done in alpaca lace. Not sure what patterns I'll use - but I think I'll make it a stole rather than a shawl. I need to be quick about it, since the wedding is 6 weeks from now and my knitting time is limited (damn that tax season anyhow).

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Kathi said...

Hi Julie! I met you on Friday at the knit shop. I went from there to Purls, and found out they were having a big sale on Saturday, so guess where I was first thing Saturday morning? Then Sunday we drove back home to California--that is, the husband drove and I knitted and tried to teach myself to crochet.