Saturday, May 13, 2006

Try, try again

Well, I tried to post this twice already, and it has been blown to bits both times. 3rd time's the charm. I had a couple of busy weeks: went here, did this. Susie loved her shawl and is in the Bahamas right now getting ready to be married. Not too much else happening, trying to beat the heat and get some work done (not necessarily in that order). Started dance class with Greta today, but she didn't seem too interested. We'll see. All knitting projects are finished so I am back to my forest shawl that was started in 2003. I won't post a pic until it's finished since it looks like nothing more than a big mess. It has been fun to work on it again. I can complete a section in an evening, and I have 30 or so sections to go before I can do the border, so let's say Labor Day goal, since I will take time to do the Trekking with Trekking KAL and also the Sivia Harding Hanging Garden KAL. Maybe I should move my Forest shawl goal back a month or so. I'm not in a hurry.

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Dave said...

Hi Julie,

Nice pic of you and the martini-or-whatever-it-is glass. That smartass grin makes me miss you.

Your sentimental bro