Monday, June 12, 2006

Pretty bird!

In my back yard, I caught this critter at rest - I got to within about 5 feet from her. She kept looking at me and threatening to fly off. I was surprised at how still I could stand. PS It's a teeny tiny hummingbird.

Hey! How about a pair of socks? Cute, huh?

And for a trekking sort-of-still life (with turtle):
The Trekking yarn is so pretty! I've just turned the heel on the first one. This yarn is a pleasure to work with. I'm making a basic sock with a 72 stitch cast on and I'm using size 1 needles. The fabric is extremely dense. These'll be good. Or else.


Norma said...

Very cool -- it's a hummer, right? It's hard to tell in that photo.

Dipsy said...

Such a cute little hummingbird, great pic! I love your socks, such a nice colorway that you chose - and I'm looking forward to seeing more progress shots of your Trekkie! Happy Knitting!