Monday, March 26, 2007

Know what I hate?

I hate when I cut my finger and find out I severed the flexor tendon and I have to go have my finger flayed and fixed.

I hate that I can't knit. Believe me, I tried. I did about 12 stitches, very slowly, but the pain was icky and I gave up.

I hate giving up.

I hate waiting for the doctor's office to open so I can call them to schedule the aforementioned flaying. Craig thought I would take a photo of my sliced pinky and show it on the blog but I decided not to. I will post a photo of the after-surgery if it's disgusting enough.

I promise to post a pic of my STR sock which is going to be beautiful. I hope I can start working on it again soon.

1 comment:

Norma said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOO, Julie! It's giving me palpitations. I am NOTHING without my hands. NOTHING. You've given me shudders.

Sending as many good vibes your way as I can muster.