Saturday, April 28, 2007

Night sky

I was able to see the International Space Station tonight. It was thrilling to see something move so quickly overhead. I looked up (someday I'll figure out how to make a link just a word or two) (but you know it took me forever to figure out how to start a new paragraph so there you go), and realized that they were going REALLY fast, like 17,200 mph at an altitude of approx. 220 miles. It was like watching a very fast-moving, noiseless, plane, just a speck in the night sky but I was still moved by it.

On the knitting front, I finished my first monsoon sock and instead of starting the 2nd one (uh oh) I read the directions for the latest STR kit (tempting, yes) and decided to start a new shawl. I needed a break from the socks for a bit. I started a luna moth shawl in a dark variegated wool I found on eBay a long long time ago. It's looking pretty good after 20 rows or so. The needles are slippery and it's a real change from the tight gauge I kept on the monsoon sock. I like this change of pace.

So, I need to post a photo for your viewing pleasure. Let's about this? I found this in my folder marked "animals". It'll do.


Anonymous said...

lovely "animal" eye candy. ;)

to make a link you can type a word..highlight it..then click on the link thingy in the tool bar. get the link put in there..when you hit save or ok or whatever the word is your highlighted word/phrase will be the link. hope this helps some.

Jenn said...

Hi! Space travel is so incredible! I was in Orlando last July when the space shuttle went up...we saw it heading out from the convention center I was attending a conference was wild :)