Monday, August 06, 2007

Red Scarf 2008

Go see Norma's post

(and for cryin out loud I cannot figure out how to make a one-word link to an address - no matter what I try it doesn't work)

and after you're done, you can come back here and click on the PayPal button over there on the right, or donate via Norma Knits. Thanks alot - this is a great cause that needs all the help it can get.

As a reward I will post a cute photo - it's Buster!


Norma said...

I'll be darned....I thought you were on Typepad for some reason, so I was going to tell you how to make a one-word link. Sorry I can't help...

Thanks for the plug!

curegirl0421 said...

Blogger takes html, it should look like the following *except* you want to delete the spaces before and after the brackets below when using the string...

I had to put the spaces in or it would make the link!!

< a href="typefullwebaddresshere" >
type your words here
< /a >

berlinBat said...

You can make a one-word link by writing the word you want to turn to link, and then (if you use the word-processor provided by blogger with all the buttons up there in that row) pressing the green ball with kind-of chain on top of it. Now you should get a pop-up window in which you can write the link address. Remember to include http:// in front of the address if it's not yet included.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the project post! Someone beat me to the directions for one-word linking, but I wanted to comment on the Buster pic. I don't usually gush over other people's pets, but I have a soft spot for boxers. He looks like such a great companion!