Thursday, June 19, 2008

6 weeks later

It's so freakin hot here (110 today and no end of 100's in forecast) I bought a portable swamp cooler for my office. It works pretty well, sort of shoots damp air at me, but it's enough to help a bit. Yes, I have AC in the house but the office just never seems to cool off and the computers don't help things. Anyhow, it's a sad day today. I just now finished off the last of my Arizona Diet Blueberry Green Tea, which is no longer available here. Anywhere. (If I am wrong, please let me know!) It seems that Tucson is a favorite city for market testing, and that means the things I love are destined to be discontinued. Wishbone has a new salad dressing, a berry vinaigrette, which is wonderful stuff, good on salad and salmon and chicken. I bought a case of it. Of course, because I bought a case, it won't be discontinued. I ain't taking any chances.

Nice to see y'all - I'll try not to stay away too long...

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Big Alice said...

Bleh, I'm sorry about the heat. 110 degrees is crazy-hot.
Sad about the tea. There was this toothpaste I really liked (I know, toothpaste. But it was good!) that was discontinued, but we've bought a boxful of it before it went away. Every time I pull out a new tube I see the pile diminishing.