Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is worth the 5 month wait

I have missed you all, but my new boyfriend has been keeping me so busy. Here he is at work

And of course, you need a photo, so here you are:

It's my Wakame Lace Tunic (from the fall (I think) IK). Only shot I have of it.


curegirl0421 said...

A. He makes me want a SLAP CHOP, but I want to call it a Judo Chop.

B. :55: “You’re gonna love my nuts”, and a dish of nuts is produced. I laughed inappropriately.

C. 1:36: Pitches poorly constructed chopper over shoulder, towards glass window, with nary a car AND LANDS THE SHOT IN THE SINK. He’s a madman!!

D. 2:30: Fettucini. Linguini. Martini. Bikini. Wait, what? Also, I want a Graty.

E. 2:53: I thought he was going to throw them at the screen, and I flinched a little. I wonder if he would have, if he thought he could have gotten away with it. Also, he ends his speech with a kind of UH! look on his face, like he’s saying “WHAT! You want a piece of me? You KNOW YOU DO.”

Norma said...

I just have to ask: Do you LOVE HIS NUTS?! LOL

Norma said...

Oh, and: Great sweater!!!

Julie said...

Norma: I do love his nuts (is that TMI?) and...thanks!