Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Now what?

Have you seen the ads that show a photo of, say, a car's back end sticking out of an upper floor wall of a parking garage? It just says, Now what? It's for state farm insurance, and the ads are clever and eye-catching. Anyhow, I am wondering about a one-picture ad that shows a person tearing her hair out and weeping because she bought a new computer and an external hard drive enclosure for her old computer's hard drive, which would, in a perfect world, act as a backup for her new computer, which is why she didn't back up 99% of her files before she installed the old hard drive in the enclosure. You know, the hard drive that stopped functioning that very same moment. Programs are gone, hundreds of files are gone. She now wonders what the hell she is going to do to reconstruct these files. They represent years and years of work. Can you think of what the photo would be? (Hint: it would be something involving me.)

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jessie said...

Okay, this has happened to me. Different situation and I thought I HAD backed everything up before reformatting, but the backup disc got corrupted. Two years of business records gone (and later re-entered, using old bank statements and a four-inch-thick stack of photocopied cancelled checks from the bank.

Tears were shed.

However, once you get over the initial grief and frustration, you will have a feeling of starting fresh, of having a fast, not-bogged-down-with-data computer, with no extraneous crap.

For a little while, anyway.

Hang in there!