Monday, November 13, 2006

I can't believe it

In my town, which just hit the million people mark (yup, it made headlines), there were 5 yarn stores, not including my friend Kathy's shop, which has no commercial yarn. There are now 3. I walked into one of the former lys and only saw a small wall with a sad collection of yarn. When I asked where the yarn went, the owner said, "Well, we made a business decision, to either sell yarn or make money." I am so disappointed! Two of the remaining 3 shops are owned by the same people and the snob factor is high (not to mention the prices). Looks like I'll be going across town to buy yarn. I know I said i was not going to add to the stash for a year, but I really really need some cotton to make a couple of gifts (I know I have cotton around here somewhere but i just can't seem to find it). I am now thinking of maybe opening a little place myself. Then I could quit both of my jobs and do something I love. Hmmm.

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Norma said...

Wow, that's really something. Was it a case of too much competition? Because I thought that this is the heyday of yarn shops!