Friday, November 10, 2006

Spinning, critters 'n stuff

A few pictures to make up for a lack of words...

I've been reading and commenting on several blogs and groups lately, and realized that I haven't updated my own blog, so here goes:

Old hard drive is still dead, bought a new pc and have been spending quite a lot of time recreating files and learning how to streamline (not to mention backing up).

I've been spinning nearly as much as I've been knitting, which had better change pretty darn soon or I won't have any gifts finished in time for giving. Here's the newest yarn I made:

It's a blend of Romney and mohair, and was a pleasure to spin. Here is a closeup:

I went to the 2nd annual Tucson Wool Festival, which was a success for everyone involved. Small and sweet. I bought a handmade spool for the Louet, and a pair of beautiful handmade wooden needles.

In keeping with the purple theme, here is a pretty sunset from last week . That's the moon.

In dogs news, Greta was diagnosed with pannus, which affects German shepherds and can cause blindness, so we are regulars at the vet and Greta is making a fashion statement when we go in the sun (UV rays aggravate the condition). She is such a good girl, tolerates the doggles even though she hates them.

And here's a critter we found in the garage - not the best photo - he was scooting into the plant to hide. He will grow up to be a Rustic Sphinx moth. The caterpillar is about 5 inches long, a real big boy!

Here's a Sphinx that was on our wall a couple of years ago

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